How To Use Amaranth Red Mica Powder in Epoxy Resin

It is true that the addition of touch color is amongst the simple techniques for getting the most from your epoxy resin. Color addition creates complexity and depth to the coats of any surface. Also, adding colored resin in between the layers produces a clear boundary mark which becomes even handier when sanding off the topcoat. Thus, the addition of a little color to any white or transparent epoxy resin is one way of achieving the desired effect.

As a result, from this article, you will get tips on how you can use Amaranth Red Mica Powder in epoxy resin. Flashing Amaranth Mica Powder which is a soft, lightweight, and smooth powder that offers the best alternative for projects requiring a particular level of subtlety and delicacy. Its small particle size ranging from 10 to 100 um is the main reason for its smooth texture. This powder is also known for maintaining its metallic look due to the shimmer and shine features.

Before using Amaranth Red Mica Powder in epoxy resin, you need to assemble the necessary ingredients. In this case, a hardening agent and a neutral or a clear-colored epoxy resin is a vital requirement. The next procedure is to ensure that your Flashing Amaranth Mica Powder is ready in addition to having a stirring stick and a mixing tray. After beginning the mixing process, always finish it within one sitting.

Add a drop of the Amaranth powder to the mixing tray. Experiment with proportions up to a point where you obtain the desired color and mix them thoroughly. Other than this, you need to add more of the Amaranth powder to get a little darker shade. This step is necessary as it prevents bleaching effects experienced by epoxy resin during the sunlight periods.

Once you have the desired color, you can add a particular amount of colorant to epoxy resin. For the case of liquid agents, pour your dye into the epoxy resin and mostly, up to where a 5% saturation become a common observation. Also, if you are after a grainy appearance, dry agents are to be added more liberally.

Any colorant is only acceptable by epoxy resin if its saturation percent ranges between 5 and 20.  Add the chosen dye into to the epoxy resin up to the point where the entire batch gives the desired color. Here, a stirring stick is the best for the complete blending of the color with the epoxy resin.

Following the above steps, your epoxy resin is now ready for application. Make an effort of purchasing the Flashing Amaranth Mica Powder from our website and enjoy the creative use plus the outstanding results.

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