How to Make Your Spray Paint Glow in The Dark

Spray paint glow in the dark offers a wide range of uses for fun projects and crafts. As a result, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to acquire it. Through some simple steps, you can come up with your glow in the dark spray paint.

The common method of making this possible is to use a phosphorescent powder. Here, you go for a Glow In The Dark Powder of your choice. You can access it directly online from our website. At this site, you will come across various glow powders of different colors and particle sizes. For a brighter background, you should select powders with larger particle sizes. However, they make a rougher paint leading to speckled look. Small particles are less bright, but they are the best for creating smooth paint.

Next, you are to choose a paint medium (actual paint) that you will mix with the Glow In The Dark Powder. For an invisible paint in the presence of light, go for a clear paint like acrylic gel. Also, for a visible paint in the presence of light, go for tempera or acrylic paint of the desired color. The paint medium chosen must work best with the phosphorescent powder. For a water-based medium, a coated phosphorescent pigment is the best option. On the other hand, for a solvent-based medium, an uncollected or standard glow powder is the recommended option.

After choosing the paint medium, now place the glow powder in a bowl. Here, there are two key options you can apply. The first option is to place one part of the phosphorescent powder into five parts of the paint medium. On the other hand, the second option is to place 20 percent by volume of phosphorescent powder to the paint.

Now pour your paint into the bowl gradually over the Glow In The Dark Powder. Then, stir the mixture carefully. For the realization of a thinner consistency, you should add more paint medium. Don’t expect the powder to dissolve in the paint medium. Therefore, keep stirring until you get a uniform combination and no lamps remain.

That is all! You spray paint is ready for use. In many cases, you can use glow in the dark paint immediately after the process. There are high chances of having or not having a shelf life for new mix formed depending on the medium and powder combination. As a result, it is vital only to mix the portion that you can use within one hour. If you are not using the paint immediately, you can store it in a seal able container.

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