How To Make Textile Paints With Green UV Fluorescent Powder

The Art of making textile paints using UV Fluorescent Paint

There are high chances that you love colors, patterns and you have a desire of becoming creative with textile paints in your home and wardrobe, the main reason why you have visited this page. At Slice of the Moon, you will find a wide range of products that will allow you to create unique designs with textile paints and some dyes on a spectacular selection of textile, accessory blanks, and clothing. It is true that a simple model is in a position of transforming a white pillow or scarf cover to an attractive one-of-a-kind original!

In this article, I am going to share essential tips on how you can make your textile paints with Green UV Fluorescent Powder. Amongst the widespread applications of this fluorescent powder in textile paints is the printing of cartons and light boards. Also, it is the best for other applications such as commercial printing of postcards, wallpaper, paneling, corrugated for product packaging, magazines, wrapping of paper, food packaging, metallic films, books, ceramics, plastic, product labels, signs, printed electronics, medical devices, stationery, fine art prints, acetate films, brochure, and furniture laminates. Moreover, UV Fluorescent Powder are highly applicable for many screen printing formulations such as UV curable, water-based, and aromatic or aliphatic solvents.

The main features that make Green UV Fluorescent Powder the best for textile paints include nature-friendly, sharp prints, low maintenance,and excellent UV protection. Making your textile paints with this fluorescent powder is not a challenge! You need some basic supplies which are paint or dye, a textile or accessory or clothing to paint on, and some sponges, or brushes, or stamps for applying your UV Fluorescent Powder with. For the beginners, it’s always recommended to go for textile paints, rather than dyes. A beautiful textile you can start practicing on is a Cotton Print Cloth. Decorating your T-shirt becomes another great project,to begin with. Also, you can paint your scarf or stamp on a tote bag.

Using a paintbrush and a paint jar, you can come up with beautiful pieces. However, exploring other ways through which you can pattern and color your textile is another good alternative. These alternatives include marbling, batiking, silk painting, sun painting, stamping, tie-dying and screen printing.

Textile paints offer an excellent surface method used by many people when making gifts for their family members and friends. With paint, you are in a good position of personalizing handmade gifts or even the ones bought directly from the store.

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