How To Make Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow And Eyeliner

Do you want to want to create a line of mineral eye shadow and eyeliner? Then, you have to start by using a base of white mineral mica, boron nitride, titanium dioxide, sericite base or zinc oxide. For those who are after a low luster or a shimmer eyeliner or eyeshadow, then starting with the mineral mica like our Flashing Magic Blue Natural Mica Powder is most preferred. This Flashing Blue Mica Powder is entirely natural without traces of any chemicals.

The main reason for using the minerals and the oxides is to enhance eyeshadows and eyeliners accompanied with long wearing quality shades. In many occasions, the application of the eyeliners become apparent by using a wet eyeliner brush. This process makes the eyeliners to more dramatic.

For wet use, go for a liner brush, make it wet, pick a small portion of the lining color, prepare a paste by mixing the Flashing Natural Mica Powder via a container lid and then apply as for the case of the typical eye liner. Be keen while using it. Apply on the upper or the lower lids by starting area closest to the lashes. You will realize that the makeup will dry within seconds.

When you use the colors while wet, they are merely blended,and after drying, a stunning satin finish is a noticeable feature. This makeup can last for an extended period until its removal. When applied while wet, the colors will take a short time to dry. However, if these colors dry before the blending process, you are advised to dampen the brush and blend the colors until you get the desired look and allow it to dry.

If you want a smudged look, use the shadow brush, dip its tip to the loose Flashing Magic Blue Natural Mica Powder and tap this brush on the container’s to get rid of the excess Flashing Mica Powder. Brush the lids gently or any other area where you want to get the desired color.

For a smudged color, go for dry angled brush and then move the given color to the desired location. Thisprocess enhances blending of one color or mixture of one area into a particular color or another area. You can repeat the whole process so that you get the desired look.

If you don’t want to mix the colors, you can use our readily available Flashing Natural Mica Powder, that is, Flashing Magic Blue Mica powder.

The mineral is available preblended and ready for use as soon as you open it. You need to use the accompanied makeup brush and apply it to your skin.

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