How to Make Matte Nail Paint Using Cobalt Blue Mica Powder

The current trend leading in the fashion realm is matte nail paint. They are in a position of turning your natural look to sophisticated and chic. However, they can be such expensive that not everyone will wish to put his/her investments into the bottle of paint they cannot use again. It is true that matte topcoats are easily located at any place, but the problem arises when you are after a matte manicure, and you can’t identify any matte topcoat in your home. Fortunately, through this, I will expose you to some simple ways in which you can use our Cobalt Blue Mica Powder to make matte nail paint

The first step to is to pour your nail polish base into a clean bottle. In this case, use an empty nail paint bottle and then pour the base to the larger part of the bottle, allowing it to rise to some point directly below the bottle’s shoulder.

It is vital to carry out this process in an area that is well ventilated as the nail paint fumes can be extremely potent. Also, performing these tasks in an enclosed place can cause effects like nausea, and other respiratory or sinus conditions.  Moreover, you should avoid filling the bottles beyond the shoulders. This space allows you to have enough room necessary for mixing the ingredients. Here, you need to wipe it off to avoid adhering your bottle closed at the end.

Next, you are to drop in some few mixing balls. These are so similar to the ones applied in commercial nail paint. Add a number of them to the bottle as the matte nail paint requires more shaking and mixing. The approximate number you should add is two to three. Ensure each mixing ball comes with an approximate diameter of 3.175 mm. The stainless steel mixing balls are the best in this case.

Add your Cobalt Blue Mica Powder by use of a miniature funnel. Here, add around nine scoops of the powder to the chosen base. Then, you are now in the step of sealing the bottle and shake it. Continue with stirring for a couple of minutes so that you can get a uniform distribution of the ingredients. Stop shaking when you no longer hear the rapid and loud sound of the mixing balls.

Add sifted cornstarch to your Cobalt Blue Mica Powder contents for the realization of more matte effect and shake. Go for only 5 to 6 scoops to avoid producing greater matter effect.

That is all! Use and save the final Cobalt Blue Mica Powder product as per the requirements.

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