How To Make Matte Nail Paint Using Black Mica Powder

It is true that there exist a wide range of shades of nail paint. However, it is not such easy to find a perfect shade as per your desires. All this is due to their variance as you move from one to another. Worry no more! The best solution to this is coming up with your nail paint. But, how are you going to make it?

The process of making matte nail paint using Black Mica powder is straightforward,and it only requires a few of your minutes. You just need to learn some basics from this article to make it possible. Making matte nail polish using this Natural Mica Powder is a common thing in the current era. You will come across many people creating their nail paints and even selling to the public.

While making your nail paint, the first step is to choose the right nail paint base. This base is essential in distributing color pigments which in turn gives nail paint a consistent and an even finish. Also, it is vital in suspending your glitter within the paint to prevent it from sinking into the bottle’s bottom and creating lumps.

For the successful making of nail paint using Black Mica powder, there are three main types of nail paint bases you can go for. These include luster base, matte base, and suspending nail paint base.  You can choose any of these bases depending on the type of nail paint you want to make. In this case, we’ll make our nail paint using matte nail polish.  While using this base, it is advisable not to use glitter.

Black Mica powder is a fine cosmetic powder playing an essential role in providing a beautiful shimmery effect in your matte nail polish. You can either use it in its own or mix it with other colorants to get your desired sparkle.

Supplies needed

  • Tiny container
  • Empty nail polish bottle
  • Miniature funnel
  • A measuring spoon


  • Add mixing balls to the empty nail paint bottle. Just below the bottle shoulder, pour matte base.
  • Place small amounts of Black Mica powder into a tiny container and mix the contents until you obtain the desired shade.
  • Shake the bottle for a few minutes so that the color gets dispersed evenly.
  • If you are not okay with the final color, add more Natural Mica Powder. Don’t fail to shake severally.

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