How to Make Glitter Wall Paint

Through paint colors, personalization of your home is not a challenge anymore! However, you can make it even more appealing by adding Glitter Paints to your wall paint. A glitter plays an essential role of giving any room an eye-catching, sparkling effect whenever the walls get exposed to sunlight. Even though the addition of glitter can be done directly to your paint, you can also use other alternative methods like the application of a clear coat together with your glitter for a realization of better effect. Through these methods, your glitter becomes visible, and it does not get drawn in the chosen paint color.

Adding Your Glitter Directly to Wall Paint

The first step is to purchase your desired Glitter Paints. Slice of the moon is amongst the best online wholesale retailers where you can get a wide range of these additives. Craft glitter is not recommended in this case as it sinks into the paint and never show up on your wall.

After purchasing your glitter paint, use a stirring rod to stir it into the wall paint. Pour a small amount of these paint into a tray. Avoid pouring paint as there are high chances of the glitter sinking to the tray’s bottom leading to uneven application. Before pouring more of the paint on your dish, it is also recommendable to re-stir it to maintain an even distribution of the glitter.

A roller brush is the best option for applying your Glitter Paints to a wall paint in the cases of even strokes. After this, you are to wait up to 4 hours between the coats for a re-application.

Other Methods for Adding Your Glitter Paints

After purchasing your glitter additive and a bright coat paint, the next step is to mix the two using a stirring rod. Then, pour a small amount of this content into a clean tray and use a roller brush to paint your walls. Before adding more of this paint to the tray, re-stirring it is a vital step.

Purchase glitter finishes from the stores and apply it using a roller brush to the dry painted walls. Next, you are to mix a white glue gallon with craft glitter packets. Stir by using a wooden rod and then pour this mixture to a clean tray. Using your roller brush, apply it to walls.

You can also purchase or a hire a glitter gun for the application of the paint’s base coat. Through this gun, spraying of Glitter Paints over paint can be done only on the wet walls.

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