How To Make Colorful Candles With Various Colored Natural Mica Powders

Are you making your candles? Do you know how to use Natural Mica Powder to make colorful candles? If no, worry no more! Through this article, you will get the best tips on how to make this possible.

Here at Slice of the Moon, we have many beautiful products that are used to dust outside of your candle pillars. We offer only the best candle dusting products out there, each accompanied by its vibrant personality. These products have their specifications when you use them for your candles. By spraying this Cosmetic Mica Powder outside the pillar of your candles, a sparkling effect is a common observation.

Sprinkling on the outside of your pillar candles is amongst the best things that can make your favorite colorful candles even better. By dusting your candles, you are in a position of customizing them to meet any set of sensibilities. As a result, we are going to discuss how to use cosmetic Mica Powder to enhance this effect.

Natural Mica Powder is a powdery mineral known for its subtle shimmer characteristics. It is the best alternative for the projects requiring some subtlety level while maintaining the metallic look. This cosmetic mica powder consists of small particle size makes it have a smooth texture. In many cases, you will get the sold product weighing 1 oz.

Mica Powder consists of sparkle characteristics which have a high shimmer when applied in the creative works and projects. When mixed with mediums for nail polish and makeup, a high shimmer factor becomes evident. All these features make this powder the most preferred for candle making applications.

Do you want to give your candle pillars some sparkle? Then use the desired Natural Mica Powder to dust the outside of your candle posts. After this, your candle pillars will have a beautiful shimmer. If you ever imagined of using the crayons for coloring your candles, it is highly recommended to avoid that. Coloring the candles using pencils is likely to make them start smoking. Also, by using them, there are chances of clogging your wicks.

Furthermore, whenever coloring the candles, you should avoid too much color since it can cause clogging of the wick and smoking of the candle. Also, there are high probabilities of inhibiting the chosen scent and reducing the candle’s melt pool.

You should also note that candles are not the best for cosmetic use. By considering these precautions, you will expect a high shimmer factor upon dusting the outside of the candle pillars with our purple Mica Powder.

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