How To Make Christmas Holly Face Painting

Do you want to be an integral part of the coming Christmas celebration? Then, you need to know how to make Christmas holly face painting. The Christmas holly face paint designs you come up with will play an essential role in adding some holiday spirit to your portfolio. To make sure that this becomes I successful, I’m going to show you an easier way on how to make Christmas holly face paint designs using a Cosmetic Glitter Paint.

Let’s start with quick and free design ideas.

If you’re planning for a large holiday event and you want to make it more impressive, there are many Christmas design ideas to choose from. Always go for the ideas that require only a poof of Glitter Paint and a few brush strokes to make the clients happy. You can imagine of a quick snowman cheek art comprising of 2 circles, acting as the base and then a quick one-stroke hat. Next, you’re supposed to add a cute smile and roll you're Frosty.

Another alternative is going for a metallic base comprising of a stencil and then swirls applied on its top. You will realize that there are endless options and the more you keep practising, the quicker your hands will carry out the task.

Next, let’s focus on the Christmas Tree.

It is true that there are so many interpretations of these beautiful evergreens. They start all the way from the creation of a beautiful full face look up to speeding of the line through the utilization of fun design. Whenever doing this, ensure that you incorporate a Cosmetic Glitter Paint, jewels, liquid bling, and many more to deck the tree out.

We also have the holly berries.

Whenever painting these leaves, ensure that you’re elaborating them with liquid bling, swirls, and stencils. By doing this, you will be in a position of transforming a simple holly cluster into a glorious art. Also, ensure that you practice the swirls to get a pleasing natural flow.

Finally, we have a poinsettia

If you want your designs to have some floral element, these beautiful red flowers are the best option. The design also makes use of a round brush for the creation of flower buds. Also, there is a need to add liquid bling for the realisation of a sparkle effect. Don’t forget Glitter Paint!

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