How To Make A Snowman Face Painting With Cosmetic Glitter Powder?

Making a snowman face Painting with Cosmetic Glitter powder should never be a challenge. You only need to follow the tips I’m going to share, and you will complete this creative process within 2 minutes.

Let’s start with the tools needed:

  • Bay wipes (optional)
  • Fine mist spray bottle with water (optional)
  • Water container
  • Cloth or Paper towels
  • Small round brush
  • Medium round brush


  • Cosmetic Glitter Paint
  • Whiteface paint
  • Blackface paint
  • Red face paint


  • Start with the medium round brush and white face paint, and paint a circle – which dictates the direction of the design.
  • Keep adding two more circles. Let them sit on top of each other as they overlap slightly.
  • Next, use the red face paint and the small round brush, and start adding the scarf base. You can do this within the shortest possible time by positioning the brush to the snowman side, push it down with the brush, and then flick it upwards to the centre. Repeat the process for up to three times and make sure you do this from each side. Carry out a practice of a decent teardrop stoke – which is essential in increasing your speed and accuracy when it comes to face painting.  However, you don’t need to worry if the final art is perfect. The good thing is that you’re in a position of filing in or covering any discrepancies that you’re not okay with. In this case, you can opt to use the red paint.
  • Add two lines to the side of the red scarf to finish. Next, you need to start adding the mouth, nose, and eyes using the small round brush and the black paint. Proceed to add a top hat by painting a shape taking a rectangle form, and then the addition of oval shape at the hat’s bottom.
  • Continue to painting thin but little stick arms. Also, add the fingers. You can opt to stop here if time is over or proceed to the next step.
  • Now finish the whole process with the addition of some stars, white snow, and dots all around your snowman. Don’t forget to add some highlights at the hat’s top. For a fast and dazzle effect, consider Glitter Paint. Add the cosmetic glitter by using a spray bottle with some water. Spritzer the design lightly while standing at a distance of 12 inches away.

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