How To Make A Face Paint For Fun With Coloured Glow Powder

you can easily get a glow in the dark face paint in many supply stores and hobby. But, making your face paint is the best option you can make. When you make your glow in the dark face paint, you have all the rights for choosing the luminosity and color you want for any costume or similar project. Other than this coming up with your face paint is the only way you can get the best customization ability.

To make a face paint for fun with colored Glow Powder needs you to assemble some simple ingredients. These are:

  • Colored Glow Powder
  • White paint
  • Colored face powders or paints
  • Small mixing bowl
  • Clear and safe skin paint medium
  • Plastic stir stick or a plastic spoon
  • Fine artist paint brushes

In the first step, you need to paint the face of the subject with a white dye. This process allows you to easily apply the glow in the dark solution and the desired color. For easier application, you can apply using fine artist paintbrush. A standard hardware paintbrush is not recommended in this case since its course bristles can cause skin irritation. Also, the white paint, in this case, acts as a primer.

Before the application of other paints, you should allow some time for the white paint to dry. The drying time varies from one to another, but it should not go beyond 15 minutes from the time of application.

After drying, you need to pour clear paint into the bowl from where you can easily mix the contents. Next step is the addition of the colored glow powder. Stirring of the mixture using a plastic stir stick or a plastic spoon is what follows.  You can detect if the brightness of the mixture is enough by turning off the lights in a periodic manner. For a brighter mixture, you need to add more of the Glow in The Dark Powder. Or, you have the option of adding more of the clear paint so that you can dim your mixture and also, keep adjusting so that you obtain your desired brightness.

Now you are in the step of applying colored face powders to that mixture. Or, you can simply paint the face of that person with the colors.  Finally, you should apply the above glow in the dark mixture using fine artist paint brushes.

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